Live Life. Take Pictures. Relive Memories. Repeat.



Elopements start at $550 for 3 hours. Weddings start at $1500 for 6 hours. All Wedding packages come with an Engagement Session. *SEE FAQ & OTHER BELOW



Couples/Engagement Sessions include 1 Hour(s)  of shooting and 30 enhanced digital images. Multiple locations possible within 10 miles. Multiple outfit changes in allotted time.



Single Family Sessions include 1- 1 1/2 Hour(s)  of shooting and 20 enhanced digital images at 1 location.  *Single Family is limited to immediate  family only. Example: Parent(s) + 2 Children. *SEE FAQ & OTHER BELOW



Maternity Sessions are usually done after 30 weeks. These sessions are 1 Hour Long and include 20 enhanced digital images.



Newborn Session include 3-4  hour(s) (not all shoot time) 20 enhanced digital images at 1 location. *SEE FAQ & OTHER BELOW



 Children Sessions include 1- 1 1/2 hour(s)  of shooting and 20 enhanced digital images at 2 locations within 10 miles. The option of outfit changes in allotted time if tolerated. 

Year one


Year One (Cake Smash) sessions are kept simple and include 1 Hour(s) of shooting and 20 enhanced digital images. This is done at one location with the possibility of multiple outfit changes. *SEE OTHER BELOW **Cake provided by CiRochelle Creations

Fresh to First Collective


From the first 48 hours with baby right up to baby's 1st Birthday! It's a series of 4 different sessions over the first year starting with a lifestyle fresh 48, newborn, half-way ( 6 months) and then ending with a cake smash at 1 year. *SEE FAQ OTHER BELOW

Fresh 48


Fresh 48 Sessions are done while still in the hospital and are a 1/2 Hour- 1 Hour long. This includes 20 enhanced digital images. Fresh 48 sessions are done per Hospital policies.


All Sessions require a non- refundable booking fee of $75 and a contract signed to book and hold your chosen date and time and is due at the time of booking. Weddings/ Elopements do require a $300/$200 non-refundable booking fee with any remaining balance due One Month prior to scheduled date. All other sessions, any remaining amount is due 7 days before your scheduled session. I accept cash and most major credit cards. Interested in a payment plan? Payment plans may be used on any session minus Mini Sessions. Mini sessions must be paid in full to book. If utilizing a payment plan, your session must be paid in full before your scheduled session date.

*There are no extra travel fees if booked in the State of Michigan.

FAQ & Other Important Information

Where are you located?

I live in Northern Michigan on beautiful Higgins Lake and spend most of my winter in Burton Michigan to help with grandkids (winter at the lake can be boring). Since I do travel so much, everything is portable and easy to move. Currently I do not have my own studio. Don't worry! Most of my sessions are able to be done In-home and in small spaces. If the weather is nice I will always want to have my sessions outdoors. If for any reason it is not able to be done in your home, I have one location immediately available in Burton, Michigan as well as access to a few studios (at an additional cost and subject to availability) in Genesee County, though there are many studios across the state that are accessible. When I am in Northern Michigan I have full access to an indoor space but tend do most of my sessions outdoors. No matter where we are, I am going to capture some great memories for you.

How many pictures will we receive?

Each session has a guaranteed minimum number of returned fully enhanced images and each session is different. You will see that a Family Session has a guaranteed minimum of 20 returned fully enhanced images but has the possibility of more. The ONLY guarantee is the minimum number, anything after that is a bonus. At this time there is no charge for additional images but that may change in the future.

Can I bring Grandparents, Aunts Uncles, etc, to our Family Session?

A Single Family Session DOES NOT include Grandma, Grandpa, Cousins, Uncles, Aunts, Etc. Extended Family Sessions are available. An Extended Family Session will need to be booked and planned ahead of time. When there are more people involved it can take some managing. I always want to give my best so we capture some great memories; sometimes this requires more time, patience and overall detail.
Please contact me for more information regarding an Extended Family Session.

What is a Year One Session?

Year One (Cake Smash) sessions are kept simple so we can keep the focus on your little one. This allows me to capture all the details of your One year old as they tear into their cake. Before they get messy we can capture some images of them in some special or favorite outfits that you have.

When you book your little ones Year One session we will discuss colors and details. This will come down to backdrop colors, a few balloons or other prop, and Cake. Keeping it simple! You are not limited to just cake. Some other options include donuts, pizza, fruit, really anything your baby would like to eat and play with to create cute and messy photos! We want to stick to what your little one likes or favors. Together we will make sure all the details come together!

Year One portraits don’t need to be taken on their actual first birthday but 3-6 weeks within that date is ideal. That way you have the option of using portraits from the session for birthday invites, and you can celebrate on their actual birthday.
Why stop at Year One? Two? Three? Why not Twenty? Thirty? A cake and pictures are good for any birthday!!!

* You may provide your own cake or any other option. I will provide only a cake. Any cake provided by me will be made by CiRochelle Creations~ Ciara Reid (Owner and Baker) located in Flint Michigan. You can find her at


The best time for Fresh 48 sessions are during the day time, usually the morning or before 4 pm. This can vary depending on the time of the year. Hospital lighting is awful and during these hours, hoping you get a room with a "view", we have the best lighting. I realize that babies come in their own time and with family your Fresh 48 time frame may not be possible. I will do my absolute best to work with yours, babies, and your families schedule.
On top on schedules a lot of things can happen during delivery. Some babies need some extra care and spend some time in the NICU. There are some hospitals that do allow a special pass into the NICU for pictures. If your hospital does not allow this DON'T WORRY! We can switch things up and have an In-Home Lifestyle session! We want baby healthy.

Lifestyle Photography may not be what you think it is.

Lifestyle photography features individuals and families with the intention to capture real-life events or milestones in an artistic way. The best type of lifestyle photography is a planned version of candid. Lifestyle photography truly is a delicate balance between having an exact script and no plan at all. It’s not a staged shoot, but getting to know you and your family helps tremendously. Getting to know some likes and dislikes or even what an average day looks like. This helps determine if you'd prefer to hang out at home or spend your afternoon at a local park. It's unscripted, but still planned. It should feel like your real life is being captured on film. The most common misconception is that lifestyle photography is only done at home! Nope! When you think Lifestyle you should be thinking moments of everyday life. That could be the grocery store, the local coffee shop, the park, a family BBQ, a walk on the beach. When you bring a new baby home and you just relax around the house. It's every day life through a camera lens.

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within a maximum of 8 weeks (in most cases less depending on the season I photograph your session). You will be able to download all the photos from a password protected online gallery.

Elopements & Weddings...

I book 8 Weddings each year. I
want to make sure I am focused on my clients and provide a memorable experience. Elopements starting at $550 for 3 hours and Weddings starting at $1500 for 6 hours. All Wedding packages come with an *Engagement Session.

Wedding VS Elopement may differ depending on who you are asking. In my opinion, an Elopement is an intimate and more personal experience compared to a Wedding. Weddings are typically focused on family, religious, societal traditions and have hundreds of guests. Elopements focus more on the couple and their commitment to each other and have 25 guests or less in attendance.

Investment Packages
Wedding ~ 6 Hours $1500
Wedding~ 8 Hours $1800

Elopement~ 3 Hours $550
Elopement ~ 4 Hours $650
All Elopements are 25 guests or less!

*Engagement Sessions hold no monetary value and will not change the price of any wedding package.*

When are Newborn Sessions usually done and why are the so long?

Newborn Sessions are done when baby is between 4 and 14 days old. Babies at this age still tend to be pretty chilled, curled up and sleepy and allow for those cute poses you see. This includes wrapped and unwrapped posing. In order do to this it does require some planning ahead. I do realize that sometimes babies have a mind of their own and come early or even late. Don't worry! We can still work around babies schedule.
Newborn Sessions do take longer than other traditional sessions. We will not be in front of the camera the entire time as we are at the mercy of a newborn and need to allow for meal time, diaper changes and lots of cuddles. Safety is number one priority. Knowing how to safely wrap and pose a newborn is incredibly important! This takes care and time.
All of my Newborn Sessions are done In-Home. I have everything I need to travel and set up on location. Safety and just being comfortable are my 2 main priorities.

FRESH to FIRST Collective?

This Collective gets you from the first 48 hours with baby right up to baby's 1st Birthday! It's a series of 4 different sessions over the first year starting with a Fresh 48, Newborn, Half-way ( 6 months) and then ending with a Cake Smash at 1 year. Each session varies in length (Hours). The shortest session will be an hour and the longest will be 4. Fresh 48 - 15 Enhanced digital images. Newborn Session- 15 Enhanced digital images. 6 Month Session - 15 Enhanced digital images. Year One Session- 15 Enhanced digital images.
FRESH 48~ When your new baby enters the world, it’s a remarkable experience, whether it’s your first child or your fifth. That’s where a Fresh 48 photo session can be a lifesaver. This intimate lifestyle session captures all the details of your baby’s first couple days in the world, right there in the hospital or in your home, resulting in images marking one of the most important days of your life. If this is your first child, you may be surprised at how quickly they grow. By the time you have a newborn session a week or so after your child’s birth, they may look completely different from those days in the hospital. NEWBORN SESSION~ This is a session done In-home with wrapped and unwrapped posing. Safety is number one priority. Knowing how to safely wrap and pose a newborn is incredibly important! This takes care and time. 6 MONTHS~ this session is a half way milestone. This gives you updated photos to show everyone how baby has grown. 1 YEAR~ this is the 12 month milestone. The cake smash. These have become very popular. This is where we start planning for a theme.

Do you offer any other sessions than what you have listed?

Yes! The ones listed are the most requested. I definitely offer more. Let's get those creative juices flowing! What did you have in mind? Reach out and lets see what we can create!